This article will show you an easy way how you can translate both help  articles and what is most important to your preferred language.

We will show how you can switch whole site to English in one minute.

You need to have installed Chrome browser.
If you do not have it already, go to and download it.
Make sure that in the bottom right corner English - United states is selected before you start the download.

This will ensure that you are downloading Chrome with English pre-configured as a default language for the user interface.

Now proceed with downloading the browser.

Click on the Download Chrome button.

After the browser has been downloaded and installed, let us make sure you have English set as primary language.
If you downloaded from the above international link, English will be default.
If you had Chrome already installed on your machine, you might want to check this now.
3 dots(settings) - SETTINGS - open ADVANCED section - LANGUAGES

Make sure you set your preferred language to English or language you understand the best.

Go to now in Chrome browser and when you are there, on the main page, anywhere, right click and select Translate to English.

Whole site will now be translated to English all at once.
You can do same with your own language by setting it as preferred language in the Step 2, and this screen will then show "Translate to YourLanguage"