Since January 1st, 2017. contracting party cannot reduse an offer just because it was not digitally signed

Example of the inquiry from the client:

"I have only one question which is related to the EU Trusted List as Certificate Authorities – I found out that in Slovakia, there is National Security Authority which supposed to be qualified, however this National Security Authority authorizes other companies in our country to issue electronic digital certificates.
I have already such electronic digital certificate (issued from DISIG which has authorization from National Security Authority – Narodny bezpecnostny urad).
Would you please be so nice and advise if my electronic digital certificate could work in this case?"

Our official reply to this question was:

If a company X that is on the EU trusted list, signs a root certificate of a company Y, and if your certificate has in its path root's certificate of the company X, that will be recognized as OK, as subsidiary (bellow in chain), are then automatically trusted if the certificate above them (root) is trusted, in this theoretical case Company X.
If this is the case for your situation, we cannot be sure.

You can contact your issuer (company Y), and ask them to tell you "Do I have in my certificate chain as a root listed Company's X root cert or not?"
If answer is Yes, then it will be recognized and flagged as OK.

Reply from the client:
I would like to thank you for your information. I contacted our issuing company and my certificate should be valid for signing the documents as it has EU trusted list company in its root.
So, we will see when signing the tender for the first time ;-) Or is it somehow possible that I could try it?
Thanks a lot.

Our official reply after that:
We are glad that you followed up on the tips we have provided.

Please go to this link:
Before that, sign an empty PDF document, and then upload it to this tool, and see if it passes all the checks.

Once again, we are glad that we have sorted this out in the most efficient way possible and in a shortest amount of time, as that is what we try to do each and every time.