Since January 1st, 2017. contracting party cannot reduse an offer just because it was not digitally signed

To submit your offer electronically to a specific tender through EOJN system (, you need to be registered within our system as "pravna osoba" entity.
You need to use your credentials to login to the system first and then you submit your offer.

To submit your offer electronically, you also need electronic signature.
It does not necessary need to be one issued from FINA (Fina - agency within Croatia).
You can use any of the trusted CAs that are on the EU trusted list, under section Croatia.

You do need to have one that is issued from one of the CA's from the European approved list: „European Commission: List of Trusted List information as notified by Member States“.
All the approved CAs can be verified with this ministry: so please contact them if there is a need for verifying your own Certificate authority.

All the certificates signed by one of the CA's listed on the link above will be valid within our system, as well as the certificates issued and signed by FINA, for this specific use, of course (FINA = official Croatian CA for this matter).

For more questions about digital signatures, please contact FINA ( directly.